After reading this post, I realized how it's actually a thing, I'm impressed..

"I wanted the pregnancy, but I'm unhappy because it's a daughter..."

This is my first time giving birth, and I am so thankful that the baby came in the first month me trying to get pregnant

It's been 20 weeks now and I know the gender, but they said it's a girl.

At first, I just had a trivial thought that it would be nice if my first child was a boy, but then why was I so disappointed when I heard it was a girl?
This disappointment won't go away...

Reasons I want a son"
1. I want to see and raise a baby boy who looks like my beloved husband.
2. I'm a bit jealous, so I'm feeling insecure at the thought of seeing my husband's attention and love for my future daughter.
(I just want to be the only one loved by my husband for the rest of my life)

+ To add, I am very jealous, but only towards my husband.

My husband plays well with his niece and nephew, I'm fine with the nephew, but when the niece holds hands and hugs him, and I hate seeing him like this...
Also, I'm glad my husband is a homebody so there are no women around, but I just don't want to see or imagine him talking to a female acquaintance (e.g. a conversation with a friend's wife at a housewarming party or a conversation with his sister-in-law).
My husband knows I'm jealous, but he doesn't know it's this bad.
3. I have a sensitive introverted personality. I get stressed easily and suffer from insomnia. I'm worried that if I have a girl, I'll be even more nitpicky.
4. I prefer a son because he'll be easier to raise

I've been depressed for almost a month, but this feeling isn't going away... My relationship with my husband is good, and there are no conflicts between my parents and my in-laws. It's not like I'm attention deprived, but maybe I have an immoral/vile personality problem.
I'm thinking about having a second child, but if the second child is a girl, I don't have the confidence to handle those feelings of not being able to see my son for the rest of my life...ㅜ

Am I this abnormal?

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1. What....

2. That's a mental disease

3. She seems like someone who should just never give birth...

4. The issue isn't about her being a young mom or not, she'll be like this today or any other day, problematic parents will always be problematic

5. My mom was like that towards me... When I was young, whenever my dad treated me prettily, my mom would raise her voice and be pissedㅋㅋㅋ I think my dad was able to read that and stopped showing as much affection

6. I've heard wives talking about how they get sad whenever the husband only cares about the baby but that's about it ( regardless of whether it's a girl or not) But this person just seems strange.. Whether it's a boy or girl, they're both cute

7. She's saying nonsense.. 

8. It's my first time seeing someone like that

9. I do feel like she's attention deprived though..? But she claims she's not?

10. Ah this person is attention deprived alright!

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