I logged into my lover's Chrome account and his search history popped up 
It's mostly about cute and short Japanese young girls (t/n: not sure if they're adults, OP wrote "μ• λ“€" = kids, but could also be used for adults) 
He's already 30 y'o so why is he still looking at stuff like that? 

Meanwhile, I'm 1m71, I hate the fact that he's watching women who are the complete opposite of me... I can't shake it off, but should I just overlook it?

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1. Of course if he's watching girls who are the complete opposite of you, I'd be pissed off too 

2. Wow... But your p**n preference doesn't really tell you about your daily life though...? Me too I'm a girl and I watch similar things as OP's lover... There's no relationship between what I prefer for p**n and what I prefer in actual s*x γ… γ… γ… γ…  If my lover really looked at my p**n taste, I'd be so embarrassed

3. I'm a woman myself and I just watch p**n for fantasy, I'd hate it to be the real lifeπŸ˜… Just think of it as a taste, nothing more.. 

4. I'd hate the fact that you logged in my Chrome and stalked me around even more. P**n preferences aside, going behind someone's back like that is the worst of the worst

5. A preference is just... A preference...

6. Ugh I'd freaking hate it too...... But you've opened the Pandora box...... It would be funny to do anything about it, but I would hate it too if I were you 

7. Just leave it 

8. I can understand men watching p**n but I would hate it as a girlfriend too
If you look the other way around, if a woman was watching p**n and was watching young-looking men dressed in uniforms, how would you feel?

9. But let's say that this is actually his taste, the fact that he's dating OP, doesn't this mean that OP have amazing charms?

10. This is just his taste γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹ if my lover saw what I was watching, he'd be so turned off too ....

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