I've been living like a roach in the corner of a room since I was 20, and now I'm a 25-year-old woman. My highest education level is a high school graduate.

I didn't know that time would pass so quickly, so recently, I got a reality check.

I haven't had any friends since I was in high school, and I don't know anyone, so my life is always spent in the corner of my room doing housework and being on my phone all day. In fact, I live in the middle of nowhere, I have no friends, and I don't have any money saved, so it seems like I there less and less of a reason for me to even leave my room.

That's why I hang out in social networks and only look for provocative/stimulating things. To avoid escaping from reality, I was watching this video that I found on a p**n site which aggregated a bunch of AVs together and while doing it, I would get a reality check. It actually just happened now. I'm such a piece of trash

This morning, I heard from my parents, who asked me how long I was going to be a parasite and that I was the most pathetic. My parents are now in their 60s. In fact, my house isn't a leisurely place, so I'm even more of a trash.

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1. Just do something, anything. 
I also failed my third college entrance exam and I'm a graduate from high school.
Still, I go to the gym every day.
After doing this gym-home repetition for several years, I became interested in it, so I got certified and became a trainer.

2. Honestly, it's not too late even if you went to a vocational college right now. If you go to a decent vocational college, you'll be able to get a good job 

3. You're in the same situation as me, just think that if you get up right now, this is all you should be doing. Let's both try to live our best lives

4. I was like that, got enlisted in the army at 27 (female NCO) and now I'm 30 years old 

5. You should at least do a part time on weekdays 

6. It's okay to start now!!

7. You're still young 

8. Even if you're a high school graduate, if you start looking for a job, it should still work out fine 

9. It's not like you're 45, you're 25. You can start searching now!!!!

10. Huh? I'm in the same situation as you, should we start a chat?

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