[instiz] IS IT TOO OBA TO DATE A 02'ER AS A 90'ER?

As a relationship...haha 

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1. I'm a 90'er... And if I was to think about everyone born after 2000.....? I consider all of them like newborns

2. Ew

3. It's freaking oba 

4. If you think you can break this to your parents, then you can date her 

5. I'm the same age as OP and even I think that this is a rhetorical question 

6. Oba.. 

7. If you're a 02'er means that you're 23 and a 90'er is 35. It's freaking oba 

8. 12 years age gap? 23 and 35... That's oba 

9. I'm the same age as you? If you're 35, it means you should be finding someone you want to get married to, so the question is are you willing to date a 23 y'o who has no intention of getting married?

10. If you don't want your parents to collapse, stop this now

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