A was put on trial on charges of murdering his lover, B (20s), with whom he lived in an apartment in Deokpo-ri, Yeongwol-eup, Yeongwol-gun, by stabbing her more than 190 times with a weapon in the house around 1:00 PM on July 24th last year.

The indictment contains a statement that A, who was living with B on the premise of marriage, committed the crime in anger after hearing insulting words from B while simultaneously having a conflict with his neighbors over noise between floors. Immediately after the crime, A harmed himself with a weapon and directly reported the crime to 112.

Considering that A's method of crime was very cruel and that he showed no remorse, the prosecution requested the court to order him to attach a location tracking electronic device and sentence him to 25 years in prison.

However, the court said, "The crime was cruel, including brutally murdering a woman living with him at home, and he was not forgiven by the bereaved family. However, it appears that he committed the crime accidentally out of anger while experiencing extreme stress such as noise between floors, and he reported it to the police immediately. The sentence was decided in consideration of the fact that the family of the accused paid the bereaved family compensation.” 

The victim's family is protesting against this ruling, saying it was a "premeditated crime."

B's mother said, "In the profiling investigation, the perpetrator said, 'I was taking a short break from work when I received a call from my girlfriend, she told me to come home. I thought I would go and kill her today and left (for home).' He said, "If you calculate the time the perpetrator arrived at the house where the crime was committed, took the elevator, and reported the crime to the police, the murder and the perpetrator's self-harm occurred under 20 minutes."

She continued, "The neighbors who had a conflict over the noise between floors moved in a week before the incident, and the perpetrator was the only one who claimed that my daughter said insulting words."


The bereaved family said, "What kind of parent would give up her child's life in exchange for 42 million won?" and appealed, "My 24-year-old daughter, who had been sick all her life, including having type 1 diabetes, was in pain even in her last moments. Please help us."

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1. 190 times? Is this something a normal human would do?

2. The judge sould've been the one getting stabbed

3. Reveal the perpetrator's face

4. No but who would stab someone 190 times as an accident? Wasn't he just chopping meat?

5. If it was accidental, maybe he would've stabbed her once. How does that sound like an accident?

6. Reveal the perpetrator's face

7. 190 times? Seriously he's not human 

8. We need to prevent him from going out in the society again 

9. Stop adding mosaics on perpetrators' faces

10. Accidental? ㅋㅋ

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