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1. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ The company has to be insane 

2. Only the one in the middle looks like they rented a whole studio 

3. No but this is the first time I realized, that their backgrounds were different

4. This indeed looks pretty bad 

5. Hul who was the middle one?

5. I know that they each have their own concept, but they could've at least given all of them balloons and those sparkly background and nobody would've said a thing.. Why is the company like that?

6. The 3rd one looks like they filmed while opening the backlight of a phone during and outage 

7. Is the company insane? Don't discriminate 

8. Whether you find it pretty or not, the fact that anyone can tell it's drastically different is so hilarious

9. The cake's quality look pretty similar, but the way they decorated is so different

10. It does seem like they spent the most money on "that" one 

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