My best friend knows a guy who used to work in the same company as her. They are not close just former coworkers. He is going to get married in 3 months and his fiance keeps posting pictures of them together on instagram.

A few days ago my friend told me that the guy DMed her on instagram saying that she is really pretty, his “dream girl”, and asked her if she would give him a chance. My friend got angry and told him that he should never write something like that to her again and be respectful to his fiance. And this is what he replied: “I don’t love her anyway. She is a nice girl, we’ve been together for years but I don’t find her attractive. She wanted to get married not me. But with you it’s different…”.

I was and still am shocked. And disgusted. I’m literally shaking while writing this. I asked my friend what she was going to do. And she said nothing. I was like “Wth? No! You have to let the fiance know! The guy is trash and she needs to know this before her marriage!”. My friend was like “Are you crazy? That’s none of my business and I will definitely not be part of that mess. The guy might lie and tell her that I was also interested or something and then you have a jealous fiance who will make your life hell too and spread rumours. No thanks”.

What should I do? I’m thinking of writing the girl with a fake account but she won’t believe me anyway. And I’m scared that my friend will get involved. Or should I just keep quite since is none of my business?

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