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Q: I've always felt like you needed a lot of money to run a fansite, How much do you usually spend during their promotion period?

A: (for the month of December) - 9,697,000 won
(7,375.57 USD)

That's an NCT fansite
Seriously this was a screenshot from 2019, so she must be spending way more than this now

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1. ??????????????

2. This is all for self-gratification 

3. Of course they do this because they know themselves best ㅋㅋㅋ That's her own moneyㅋㅋ

4. For real, this is common for A-list idols, if you attend to every single one of their schedules, you'll end up with 9M~15M won per month to spend on (7K~11K)

5. Where does the money come from?

6. You seriously need that much money... That's insane

7. But where does the money come from...? Is that their own money?

8. For 1 month??????

9. First of all, they have to spend around 1M won just for 1 fansign (760USD)

10. Especially for award shows, if you go overseas, you'll end up spending even more 

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