"Suggestiveness VS women liberation... (G)i-dle, new song "Wife"'s blunt controversy"
"Kids will be trying to copy them, are they in their right minds?"... What happened to the group's lyrics that hit daebak through "I am queen card"?"

"(g)i-dle Wife, provocativeness? Kpop's version of A Doll's house"
"Suggestiveness" VS "Hip" ... (G)i-dle's 'Wife' opens discussions"

"(G)i-dle, controversy over s*xual profanity in new song 'Wife' lyrics... "It's worse to pretend there's nothing"
"(G)i-dle's new song 'Wife' written by Soyeon...controversy over s*xual profanity of lyrics"
"(G)i-dle's new song lyrics show signs of controversy over s*xual nature"

"(G)i-dle's 'Wife' lyrics are controversial for being sexually explicit...Did they just depict s*x?"
"Wipe off your spit with ‘Wife’ ~ A production of (G)I-DLE’s problematic work"
"Will (G)-idle’s ‘clever twist’ succeed this time too?"


Some are criticizing that the lyrics of 'Wife' are overly sensational while it's a song that even young students can freely listen to. Sensationalism is being pointed out, such as ‘But that's not enough, pick the cherry on top Kiss carefully and eat boldly’ ‘From head to toe, just chop, chop, chop
If you get it now, you should try it now’.

In particular, some point out that there is concern considering that (G)i-dle's 'Queencard', which was released in May of last year, was very popular among elementary school and kindergarten students as the challenge became popular on social media such as YouTube.

Netizens left comments such as "I'm scared that kids will hear it," "It's obvious that it's going to be played all over shopping malls and cafes, there's no way we can block it," and "It's dizzying to think that kids will hum those lyrics and imitate the YouTube Shorts Challenge." .


The controversial lyrics are, "Take a big bite / Wipe off your spit / Aren't you all grown up now / Yes, I knew you would be, so I baked some cake / Pick the cherry on top and eat it / Kiss me carefully and eat boldly / If do it well, it would be full for this meal Swallow it deeper because I feel good

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1. They crossed the line 

2. The lyrics are disgusting 

3. They should make the song 19+

4. But don't both male and female idols resort to s*x appeal in their songs? Whether it's their songs or their dance, they always have elements of it. Is it because it's bad to be so blatant about it? But aren't their companies bad at suing people? I feel like rather than criticism a lot of people are simply leaving hate comments. But I wonder if they'll be able to perform this on broadcast? Usually you don't really see pre-releases in music shows

5.  Ah... Those lyrics f*ck ㅋㅋㅋ I don't even want to listen to this song anymore, the lyrics sound like they're trolling

6. So all this is noise marketing 

7. The lyrics sucks 

8. I could understand if they put 19+ with it 

9. They're not in their right mind 

10. I bet people will watch the MV without knowing because they thought the concept was cool damn ㅜㅜㅜ. ..

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