Red Velvet Irene appeared on the cover of Chinese magazine 'Waves Magazine'
When she modelled for this magazine, Irene broke a new record. She was able to sell 1 million yuan under 2.5 hours (~140K USD)

And for the cover of this Chinese magazine, Irene holds the record for the highest copy sales and fastest million sales among Korean female idols.
Congratulations Irene!

In a day, she sold close to 30,000 copies

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1. Who cares about your prettiness if your personality is like that...

2. F*cking pretty 

3. Because of her personality, I hate seeing her ๐Ÿ’•

4. Whenever I look at her, I can't think of anything else than her power trip, so I don't feel like she's pretty;;; her image damn;;

5. Imagine being this old and tormenting other peopleใ…‹ใ…‹

6. Irene๐Ÿ’š my favorite idol for life

7. She doesn't look pretty to me anymore

8. Who cares, its not like she committed a crime

9. I don't buy a power tripper

10. Foreigners don't feel celebrities' controversies as strongly as us so they can continue to be popular over there, but it's true that we started mentioning her less in our country after what happened..

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