There was a YT Shorts titled "if you go to Apgujeong, everyone has this hairstyle?" and I took screencaps of the comments. The video disappeared

It was a video about how to tie your hair in a pretty bun
It's a beauty video so the comments will obviously be judging the person's face but there were so many comments that made me wonder if people weren't going too far??

(T/N: there are a lot of comments but I'll translate a few)
+ 2.6K: How can someone look this clean?ㄷ
+ 1.8K: Wow it's my first time seeing this today and how can someone's skin be so clean and look so innocent...? You're too pretty ㅠㅠ I'm subscribing..

+6: The video is an ultra close-up and her makeup is super light too. But her skin, white of her eyes, side of the nose, side of the mouth are all clear and cleanly pretty

+81: How can a beauty so clean and innocent even exist..

- I was focusing more on your face than your hair and replayed this a few times..ㅎ you're so clean and neatly prettyㅎㅎ

+408: Your skin is too pretty.... how can it be so clean?

+165: No but... why is this person so beautiful...? She kinda looks like the standard beauty in my head.. she looks AI but you're telling me she's a real person?... Her looks are shocking

+1: Seriously the epitome of an eastern beautyㅜㅜ too pretty

- No but she's so pretty that I didn't even look at the hair...

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1. Just seeing how handsome and pretty people go to the HOT category with their looks alone... I can't really talk for others

2. Judging the face, judging the body... seriously a crazy country ㅜㅜ Just look at the mirror, voices will come out automatically

3. Calling others "pretty" is also considered judging someone's looks but since it's a compliment, I just let it slide but seriously, our country will break someone's face into small sections and judge them one by one like how and how is one's eyebrows, hairline, etc... seriously, this country is crazy about lookism

4. Seriously, they judge people on a nano-scale

5. Seriously disgusting

6. You don't even need to go on YouTube, just look at TheQooㅋㅋㅋㅋ if a celebrity is debuting, hating on their faces is just the standardㅋㅋ and then they'll whine about how "being a celebrity is a job where your face gets judged" and whatnot

7. Seriously, I think that we're slowly getting worse and worse. 

8. There's this foreign ASMR person on YouTube and the Korean comments are all about how handsome he is and I seriously got f*cking embarrassedㅋㅋ

9. I also was watching a vlog just now and none of the comments were about the content of the video but just comments about the YouTuber's looks

10. But compliments aren't considered "judging someone's face" thoughㅋㅋ

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