On January 11, it was confirmed that Park Bo Gum and Kim So Hyun will be starring in JTBC’s new drama “Good Boy” (literal title).

“Good Boy” is an action-packed comic drama that follows the journey of a group of gold medalists who, faced with financial struggles, short career spans, injuries, and other challenges, become special police officers. Together, they form the “Olympics Avengers” and use their unique skills acquired during their time as athletes to fight violent crime.

“Good Boy” will be written by Lee Dae Il of “Chief of Staff” and “Life on Mars” and will be helmed by Shim Na Yeon of “Beyond Evil” and “The Good Bad Mother.”

Park Bo Gum will be starring as the role of Yoon Dong Joo, a former Olympic gold medalist boxer who becomes a police officer for the Special Violent Crime Unit through special employment for Olympic athletes. Born with a talent for fighting, Yoon Dong Joo becomes an Olympic hero, but after experiencing despair, he starts his life anew as a police officer, rediscovering his instincts as a fighter while facing injustice.

Kim So Hyun will be playing Ji Han Na, an Olympic gold medalist in shooting who received great love from the general public as a “shooting goddess” with her beautiful looks. However, due to an incident that shocks the world, she quits shooting and begins to walk the path of a police officer. Although she appears calm and collected, she is charmingly honest and straightforward when it comes to love and work.

The production team of “Good Boy” shared, “‘Good Boy’ is a refreshing story about Olympic heroes who leave the [playing] grounds with regulations and rules to fight against violent crimes that are rife with unethical behavior and foul play. Please look forward to the synergy between actors Park Bo Gum and Kim So Hyun, who will sincerely portray the story of heroes who face off against violence, each with their own backstories.”

“Good Boy” is slated to premiere in the second half of 2024.
CR: Soompi

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1. Freaking handsome and freaking pretty. The drama seems fun too

2. I wanted them to act together ever since I saw them MCing for the Drama Awards together and finally!!!! I've waited so long

3. My heart is already beating so fast

4. Ohㅋㅋ seems freaking fun

5. These two match so well

6. Wow!!! Finally ㅠㅠㅠ I was seriously waiting for Sso and Bogumㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

7. This seems fun. Let's broadcast it fast, go go

8. I succeeded at freaking waiting for this. I've been waiting so freaking muchㅠㅠ

9. The plot, director and actors are all f*cking promising. I'm freaking anticipating this

10. I'll finally get to see Bogummy in a drama

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