Investigation of men (presumed to be "substitute photographers" (T/N: photographers who take idols' photos and sell it to fans/fansite masters)) causing major inconvenience to Golden Disc staff and audience + many requests to ban them from concerts 

They were pushing and shoving employees during performances

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1. I do feel like the "substitute photographers" problem is exploding

2. Hul...

3. Please catch them before they leave the country, please... what in the world

4. ????? Are they crazy? What's wrong with them????

5. Why embarrass yourselves like that in a foreign country?

6. They aren't real fans and are just getting paid for taking pictures right? Big cameras are big cameras but I knew that they'd say something about them at some point. They would try to take pictures of one female idol while pushing other members aside

7. There are seriously a lot of those "substitute photographers" who are crazy bast*rds. I feel like they are just a gathering of men who have 0 social life.....

8. National embarrassment

9. What are these crazy bast*rds doing in a foreign country?

10. No but how can he just drag a person and push them aside like that.....

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