1. Idols with big fandoms overseas often have Chinese bulk orders and such explode on the last day, so it's not strange to see 200,000 purchases on the last day.

2. But RIIZE was a rookie at the time, and Chinese bulk orders were not (and still are not) of that scale.

3. People brought up how it was strange at the time, but it could be because they were popular so they just let them slide.

4. But in the end, it turns out that it was sajaegi

"Million seller RIIZE's medley"

There's no going back on the initial record.
It's already being used on broadcast as a promo.
Now, they're on the list of all-time rookie debuts.
They'll always be known as the group who sold a million records on their debut

They already won an award at the MAMA Awards for selling 1 million albums.
They also won several rookie awards, and the rookie awards included physical album sale.
This means that they have already benefited from this scam.

Idols are all about image.
by being lumped in with other rookies who debuted around the same time, they build up their image as "the first million-selling group, the top of the fifth generation, etc."

However, their record sales results are clearly manipulated by physical sajaegi and manipulation of the first week of sale.
"Using pre-registered orders to record labels/distributors" is just a milder version of the word "sajaegi"

Showing off the first rookie group's performance without Lee Sooman, defending the stock price, etc.
There could be a variety of reasons for doing this, but regardless of the reason, their sales were a fraud.

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1. Why would a big company do this so blatantly in front of everyone?

2. I thought that only mid-size agencies would use pre-registered orders but even a big company like SM does it?

3. SM would never be able to achieve "million seller" status without those tactics with how they've been looking lately. They are basically self-confirming their own sales

4. So I don't even think they sold 780k copies

5. They day before the closing, they sold 400 copies and the next day, they sold 220K copies? Why go to such extent?

6. These sajaegi-dols are severe. We must get rid of companies like them. SM is not famous for anything else than for housing idols. They are being pushed to the 2nd spot and will be pushed by JYP soon. Honestly speaking, even if Lee Sooman got a bunch of hate, the company grew because of Lee Sooman. I feel like they only got to this point because he left. I think that they'll fall even deeper in the future

7. I wonder how their next first week of sale will look like

8. Please give back your MAMA Rookie award for selling 1 million albums ^_^!

9. Did they do this so they could win the rookie award?

10. Meanwhile, people are talking as if the 220K were the only fraudulent sales but the 780K is legit which is f*cking hilarious. Not everything has been exposed so they should be thankful if they were even able to legitimately sell half of 780Kㅋㅋㅋㅋ 

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