In 2023, the company loses its annual sales lead to Apple for the first time

This gives Apple the title of "#1 smartphone maker worldwide," as well as premium smartphone unit sales an area in which Apple has historically had an overwhelming lead.

Worldwide Sales Premium Smartphone ($600+) 

Samsung Galaxy's ASP (Average Selling Price)
(Trends in ASP of Samsung smartphones in dollars)

iPhone's ASP

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1. Find strength

2. Galaxy, find strength

3. I'm boycotting Apple because of Chinese labor issues.
But if you look at YouTubers' reviews and things like that, the performance of Apple is definitely better... ㅠㅠ And from a consumer standpoint, it's still better to compete evenly. Make it really good, Samsung-ah

4. Noooㅠ Galaxy, fighting!

5. Is it because the smartphone replacement cycle is getting longer and the entry-level phones are not selling anymore? It's shocking because a few years ago they were dominant in terms of sales.

6. Don't compare to Apple now, worry about losing market share to China... Apple is a wall anyway, you have to admit it.

7. We have to avoid a monopoly at all cost. Galaxy have to sell as much as iPhones

8. In the past, the trend was to buy a cheap entry-level phone if the price is affordable and change it every two years, but nowadays, even after a few generations, there are more people who buy old premium phones and use them for a long time.

9. If there is a rivalry, they will improve each other, but only the better one keeps improving and the second one keeps retreating... I hope Samsung will survive, but this is really frustrating to watch

10. Find strength, I don't wanna see them go down to dust like Japanese phonesㅠ

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