"Nowadays, the most shocking story among the MZ generation is that "watching animes on 1.5x speed" is true..

My personality is also likes to rush things and I don't particularly like to watch videos but I've never even thought of that. Seriously, learning that watching animes at 1.5x speed is such a new shock to me. How can they do that?"

Usually, animes are 24 minutes long so if you speed it up.... isn't it over way too fast? Isn't all the enjoyment from watching animes gone? 

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1. I've never understood people watching videos at faster speed

2. No but you feel the emotions way less and you won't even be able to understand the plot no?ㅋㅋ

3. ?? Even as someone old, that's how I watch it. If there are a lot of fight scenes, I would watch it at 1.25 speed so what's shocking about this? Back then, if there were boring scenes, people would skip 5 sec or 10 sec forward so

4. I watch animes at 1.25x speed

5. I'm more shocked that people listen to music fast forwardedㅜㅜ I feel like songs that are under 4 minutes are way too shortㅠ....

6. I've never watched anything I liked sped upㅋㅋ but even when I watch something I didn't want to watch, I've never thought about speeding it upㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ why do people do that? Don't you want to try watching the things you enjoy as long as you can??

7. Wow... this is unbelievable. When things are sped up, I can't even feel the emotions and enjoyment properly so how do people do that? I need to immerse myself in videos so I would never be able to speed them u[

8. This has to be fake....

9. I've never even thought of doing this... huh?....

10. But that's not just the MZ generation. Even otakus from back then would do this... but I do feel like more people are doing this nowadays

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