Out first week of sale was almost 500K copies

These Chinese unnies were f*cking holding back. They even sent a truck for Karina's mistreatment. And she gets in a dating scandal with a full album approaching...ㅎ they said that they are not buying her albums anymore

"Without opening official links, nor designated (links?), all sales, including merchandise, will cease, and everything will be under the control of Yoo Jimin personally."

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1. [+96, -18]
Anyways, China isn't buying from any K-pop group right now so isn't everyone seeing a drop in first week of sale? Not only aespa but all groups are the same. China just doesn't buy albums anymore

2. [+86, -15]
Who is "f*cked"? Everyone is getting boycotted by China right now

3. [+83, -11]
They boycotted the Drama album so aren't they already doing it? It's been so long since China prohibited bulk buys but Pann-girls are just saying this because they want to see aespa failㅋㅋ

4. [+73, -12]
But even with the boycott, they sold a million copies so won't it be the same this time?

5. [+70, -9]
It's unrelated to Karina's dating scandal. If you look at other idols' comebacks, they've all had lower first week of sales because almost everyone lost their Chinese bulk buysㅇㅇ... everyone is in the same situation

6. [+64, -17]
SM is f*cked...

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