The members are all short so when they wear heels to dance, they can't move their lower body well and look uncomfortable

If they were tall, they could've worn shorter heels and would've danced way better than they do now....

This song fits taller kids better
That's why all 5 of them look like they are having a hard time

They were all in sync and danced well for Wife
Because they were wearing sneakers and baggy outfits

It's a shame because shorter kids can't really show 100% of their dancing skills because of their heels

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1. [+29, -20]
Uhm.... I think that they are just bad dancersㅇㅇ aespa Winter uses her lower body f*cking well when she dances and she's 164. She's 3 cm taller than Miyeon and Shuhua and 1 cm taller than Yuqi and Minnie is 3 cm taller than her

2. [+26, -10]
I've never felt like I-dle were bad dancers. Only if you look on Pann, they've been constantly bashed on. For real, I don't know why I-dle are considered bad at dancing

3. [+23, -4]
Wearing high heels can't be helped though. They were fine when they were sneakers

4. [+21, -3]
Their dancing was fine 

5. [+18, -2]
I'm a fan of another group and I haven't seen any of their other stages aside from Latata and Hwaa but I've seen their challenges in the Shorts here and there and thought that their dancing was dine. Are they bad dancers?? I can't really tell

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