I'm jealous. He's the second golden spoon from RIIZE

"Place of birth: Seoul City, Gangnam-gu, Gaepo-dong
Education: Seoul Kuryong Elementary School
Seoul Eonbuk Middle School
Chungdam High School
High school diploma GED"
(T/N: all the schools he attended were located in Gangnam)

"Gangnam School District 8 Public Middle School in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea"

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1. [+75, -6]
But he seemed to have been brought up in a bright and not twisted family.... Seeing how he came out of Gangnam School District 8, it seems like his family is pretty harmonious. So I guess that's why his expressions and aura are so god and clean

2. [+55, -7]
It's true that Sungchan came from a rich background but he doesn't like to make it obvious so please delete this. When Jungwoo was talking about the brand of the ring Sungchan wore at his debut days, he didn't want him to mention it so it seems like he really doesn't like talking about those kind of things

3. [+50, -1]
Please delete this, it will attract the trolls. Not everyone who lives in Gangnam is rich and posts like these will do more harm than good

4. [+45, -2]
If I was Sungchan, no matter if my family had money or not, there's no way that I wouldn't grow up brightly and right. He has the face, the height and the personality. If I were him, I would've become a narcissist

5. [+42, -1]
Kids who write posts like these must have such low confidence

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