I'm additionally writing because many attacked my character based on groundless speculations.

Following my post of the fan call, I don't understand why the agency decided to post an official statement regarding taking legal action against sasaengs who trespassed and people spreading false rumors...I am not a sasaeng who trespassed, nor a person who contacted a member spreading rumors...As soon as the statement got out, people suddenly started attacking me saying I'm those people so I deserved to get sworn out because I'm a sasaeng, which is absolutely not true.

People are saying I was a mean sasaeng, or I was ugly, or I talked about a gay drama so he swore me out. These are absolutely not true. I am just a fan who really liked Kim Jiwoong..

I rewatched the recording over and over thinking I must have misheard. And then I watched a few more times to check if I made him uncomfortable or said something offensive. But I couldn't figure out why he did and I am utterly heartbroken.

I also read the official statement this morning denying the allegation based on the staff and the member himself's testimonies. This fan call event was held a week ago, and how could you release an official statement relying on their memories although I have video proof.

I am upset and sad that the company is alluding to an individual like me as a rumor-spreader and that everything is my fault. Please stop spreading rumors about me saying I'm a sasaeng, I talked about a gay drama, or I looked ugly.

Thank you for reading a lengthy statement."

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1. ㅠㅠㅠㅠ This is so unfair for her 

2. The fact that she re-listened many times to make sure she didn't mistakenly hear it is just sad

3. Ah this is just sad... Please reimburse her the money she spent on that video call 

4. You could hear the swear so clearly though... It's too unfair

5. I feel bad for her... She didn't even do anything wrong. Seriously why are they like that?

6. She even rewatched the recording several times to make sure she didn't mishear. My heart hurts for her... This company is insane, they should be in contact with her already 

7. Imagine spending money to get sworn at... Fighting to her 

8. I feel so bad for the fan.. 

9. Kim Jiwoong, apologize to her directly 

10. Wow my heart hurts for her 

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