Last time, there was also a female idol who did something right before going live 
And now this guy is swearing as soon as the video call was over
Is it because people make them do weird challenges or say cringey things?
Me too, I've watched video calls and it almost felt like some fans would power trip on them... 

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1. No but unless it's extremely weird, what's so hard about doing something fans are asking you to do? They've spent hundreds to be there 

2. Why are you dragging female idols into this?

3. Then don't be an idol 

4. It's not because your bias hates it that all idols hate it

5. Honestly they're allowed to hate it... But nobody is swearing about it 

6. For real, if you don't like it, just quit being an idol, go get a computer and start your job application
> And they're earning so much money and he's done everything he could to debut too... 

7. Honestly it does look tiring, but that's his job... 

8. If you want to make money, you need to do it 

9. My bias always looks forward to it and looks so happy doing it though... They say stuff like "Finally I can do it"

10. It does somewhat looks tiring...ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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