Jang Sung Gyu asked Choi Yena, who continues to live with her blood-related brother, "Have you ever wanted to live separately?" Choi Yena replied, "It's too much. I get annoyed. The game console is mine, but he linked the game card to my credit card. The game is expensive, and I see it's paid for by 100,000 won".

If he wants to play, he can buy chips, but he's using mine. I get so angry that I swear at him when he does it." When Jang Sung Kyu heard this, he was surprised and asked, "Did you pay for the whole house yourself, and didn't your brother contribute anything?" Choi Yena replied, "Yes (I paid myself)."

Choi Yena said that among the members of IZONE, Kim Chaewon of Le Sserafim is the one she sees most often. Jang Sung Kyu asked, "Who usually pays for your meals?" Choi Yena replied, "My friend who makes more money. Chaewon told me 'I'll pay, unnie' so I told her 'you earn a bit more, so you pay.'"

When asked how they calculate when 12 members of IZONE eat together, she said, "I think we're more inclined to split. I don't know how to pay for 12 people. Our food bill alone was over 10 million won." She added, "I've eaten at really expensive places before. The meat was really expensive, but Eunbi paid for it," showing off leader Kwon Eunbi's generous personality.

Meanwhile, when asked what she did with her first payment after going solo, Choi Yena said, "Last year, I traveled abroad with my family for the first time. I went again this year."

She also revealed that she bought her parents' house in Yangpyeong.


When asked if she had any flexibility for herself, Choi Yena answered, "I bought a B company car," which attracted attention.

She also manages her own money, and when asked about his financial secrets, she said, "I've been investing in stocks for about seven months. But I want to go back to seven months ago," she confessed, drawing laughter.

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1. There are so many jealous people here

2. At this rate, who will even claim that IZONE didn't earn any money? Anyways, I'm just happy that it turned out well for them

3. IZONE was the #1 seller in terms of first week of sale at that point no? They were that much at the top so of course they earned a lot

4. Smile did so well in the charts so she must've performed at a lot of events

5. I wanna be born as Yena's oppa

6. Because IZONE was f*cking successful at that time ㅇㅇ They were the top both digitally and physically so she deserves this

7. I'm jealous, her songs are good

8. She wants to go to her life before investing in stocksㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅠㅠ

9. I wonder what the 12 of them ate so the bill came out to be 10 million wonㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. She worked hard

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