"The volition to promote is strong but"... Seventeen Mingyu, halts promotion "Difficulty moving due to severe back pain...[..]"

"Seventeen Jeonghan, temporary hiatus due to ankle surgery... "Focus on recovery treatment""

BTS all went to active duty and even Suga is serving publicly
Seventeen barely does anything and receives exemptions from the army and thanks to Karina's dating scandal, they were able to bury theirs right in time. And now Mingyu and Jeonghan also seem to be building up to receive an exemption ㅋㅋ Yah I don't know who's backing them, but they're amazing~ 
Scoups will probably starrt crawling back in 1 month or two and will attend their concerts right? ㅋㅋ

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1. [+138, -10]
I'm an Army and I honestly don't understand what Seventeen has anything to do with BTS? BTS are all serving their military duties right now and there are members who will be discharged as soon as in 4 months, so until when are we going to pull BTS' hair into other idols' enlistment issues? You guys are saying stuff like "it's so unfair for BTS" as a pretext to bash other idols, it's f*cking disgusting, stop pretending like you care about BTS and just focus on fangirling on your own idols 

2. [+62, -8]
In the end... It suffice for Scoups to dance a tiny bit and the comments will be no joke, if you look at the future, there's nothing unfair for BTS. BTS will be able to maintain their one top status as long as no major things happen in their concert

3. [+45, -5]
BTS were getting sworn at so much on Pann when rumors of their exemption started, and there was nothing but hate. And now suddenly people are talking about "I pity BTS" to bash Seventeen??? Stop using BTS to bash other idols and leave Seventeen alone too 

4. [+40, -4]
6 of BTS members are all serving active duty right now. And Suga is still serving public service despite his shoulder being shattered, all the members have enlisted and they're fulfilling their national defense duties. They've never had any change of mind, it was only the government trying to talk about exemption for their own agenda and whatnot and they got hate from the general public who didn't know anything about them being used by the government. Seriously even if you look at the articles about enlistment, so many of them use BTS to bullsh*t and hate on them. Anytime BTS was involved with enlistment, people got so sensitive and it was inevitable. Among other groups' fans who were mocking BTS, a large proportion of it came from the Carat fandom, so naturally some Armies are now thinking that BTS received an unfair treatment now that Scoups received his exemption. Those Armies and those Carats are no different from each other. What they're doing are both doing wrong to each other. You can swear at those Carats, but don't swear at Scoups. BTS' Suga also got dragged everywhere when he was announced to serve public duty but it was only a portion of Carats, you can't blame all Carats for this. 

5. [+35, -4]
Bang Sihyuk-ah you better treat BTS better

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