"Uniq's Sungjoo, he's a married... "I will become a faithful dada and husband"

"Hi, this is Kim Sungjoo,

I apologize for having recently surprised many people with the sudden news on online communities and social media, as well as for not having been able to present myself honestly.

Although I wanted to quickly convey the news to the fans who always give me their support and love, I was unable to tell you because it was a situation where I was being cautious.

Even though I’m late, I’m telling you [this] honestly, and I will walk beautifully forward into the future with my precious family as a diligent father and husband.

Thank you."

He debuted in 2014 and he's been promoting for 10 years now. 
He was holding a live broadcast and a member asked him how his son was doing over the phone and he got caught. That guy is in the same group as WOODZ, Cho Seungyoun who was in X1

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The live action version of Oshi no Ko 

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The moment I saw the group's name I became baffled. They're the group that came out from that venture with China but ended up receiving no recognition and fame because of the law that banned Korean activities in China. That group barely even promoted 

3. [+67 ,-27]
Uniq promoted around 2013 right? Aren't they all over their 30s too? Who cares if they're married

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Weren't they barely able to promote because of the law that bans Korean culture in China? It's been almost 10 years, of course he's living his own life 

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Do you think people would've congratulated him if he had the recognition of a A-tier boy group? They were banned from promoting the moment they debuted and they disappeared, so he had to find away to live his own way. Anyways, I wish him the best 

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