It's a comment from 3 months ago. It's fake right?
If it's fake, I really hope that
 she sues them all. This is seriously bad

- (Comment posted 3 months ago) ㅋㅋ she cheated in July and sorted it out in November
> How did you know that she cheated in July??
> (Comment from 1 day ago) Hul.... for real???????????????? Her relationship rumor just came out!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> How do you know?

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1. [+69, -3]
If you edit a comment on YouTube, it will be marked as edited so I don't think that the person edited their comment

2. [+58, -25]
Just leave those comments aside. Even in the comments of videos from other celebrities, you'll find similar things. People often just write comments without much thought, but then somehow it gets interpreted as something meaningful, especially after dating rumors surface

3. [+51, -9]
Every time a celebrity gets into some sort of scandal, people always bring some old prophecy videos and say that so and so is so good at telling someone's fate 

4. [+48, -13]
But how can a third party know the intricate details of someone else's relationship, like when they started dating, when they broke up, and so on?... even family members might not be aware of everythingㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's just people trolling with their comments and treating it like some sacred truth. It's not like this happens just once or twice

5. [+44, -3]
People are always bringing up some old troll comment and make a fuss about how it predicted the future. With that female idol previously too, they just brought up some old comments predicting it too 

6. [+37, -1]
Can someone even know someone else's fate so precisely like this?

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