[enter-talk] OH MY GIRL'S YOOAH'S FACE...

I wonder if I really saw YooA on 'Ggoggomu' (T/N: Full title is 'Story of the Day When You Bite Your Tail')

Was she really the YooA I knew?? Why did her face change so much???
I used to think that she was so cute and pretty
But she looks like some trot singer now...

I found her the prettiest at that time

(T/N: YooA on Ggoggomu for reference)

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1. [+44, -4]
Ever since she did her double eyelids, her unique aura disappeared

2. [+41, 02]
But she's really the #1 celebrity who had the most regrettable case of double eyelids surgery... seriously, why did she do itㅠ 

3. [+40, -1]
But even in the pictures in OP's post, she did her eyes alreadyㅋㅋ

4. [+33, -2]
Seriously, she had monolids at her debut and she was so uniquely gorgeous...

5. [+21, 0]
She was the prettiest during Closer.. Even in OP's post, she already did her eyes and got lip fillers

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