"'NCT' Taeyong, 4/10 enlistment... ultimate acceptance into the navy military band"

Even Taeyong is enlisting... but he's living the sweet life with the exemptionㅜㅜ
I bet that he's embarrassed looking at his hoobae

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Reminds me of Chanyeol who failed joining the military bandㅋㅋ

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This is not NCT fans' opinion

3. [+9, -4]
So S.Coups being exempted is something to be embarrassed of and he benefited from it? My dad also got exempted because of a ligament tear so should we say that my dad is benefitting and should be embarrassed? You're not even a fan of NCT but you're just using hate on S.Coups which is just evil

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Taeyong is enlisting so why should S.Coups be embarrassed?ㅎㅎ I feel like OP who wrote this post is even more embarrassing~

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Even if someone had torn ligament during their military service, they would have a valid reason for medical discharge, so why bother going to the military in the first place?

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