[instiz] 2NE1 IS COMING BACK IN MAY....ㄷㄷ!!!

CL met with director Seo Hyungseung 
And the members have been using black glasses frames and black hearts as spoilters ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
The 4 of them still meet a lot and this year, Sandara Park even said in an interview that people will find her like a "gift" soon 
On May 17th, it will be their 15th year anniversary and they're 100% preparing for it 

And CL who usually doesn't interact with the fans suddenly started interacting with them 
And the members are wearing black glasses, it's just that Park Bom usually never uses IG 

Director Seo was 2NE1's MV director in the past and he's a Black Jack!

- I know you can't answer me !! 
- I miss Tam Tam
- Should I change my hair? I'm wondering

- I should go meet with director Seo so that's it for today! I'll learn a  bit more next time and come back ::)
- Fighting on interacting!!!!!!!

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1. Hul what the?

2. Wow I thought I misread, this is crazy

3. Hul what the?

4. Wow.....

5. Ha my heart is beating 

6. For real?!??!?!?!?!?!?

7. This is real????? Hul daebak 

8. Hul daebak 

9. Hul I really hope they comeback 

10. Hul hul... It's been so long since I've heard their songs, I'll listen to it again

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