There were so many hate comments telling them that they should've practiced ever since they were young, and that if they were this bad, they should just be singers. Now that I look back at the video, I realize how legendary they were back then, they were so good. Why did they receive hate... They were even better than their digital version

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1. The same members who were criticized back then could be at least a lead vocal now, back then was the generation of real lives

2. Huh? I don't remember them being so much hated on, rather I saw a lot of praises! 
> (OP) But there were a lot of captions on videos that even read "they aren't dancers but singers'

3. People were way stricter in the past. At that time, teenagers were so jealous of female idols that they will drag them for the slightest thing and they had so many haters. So the hate bandwagon was even more intense. 

4. The members who are good were always good but... 

5. I'm not saying they weren't good, but Taeyeon and Jessica felt like the only good members

6. It's because of the inferiority complezㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ And at this time, you had to have a perfect live = not get any hate. Especially at the time when Wonder Girls, Kara and SNSD were promoting, around 2007-2008 ballad was such a huge genre that the idol industry was also shifting ㅋㅋㅋㅋ And people grew so hateful towards idols 

7. Back then, singing live was a given and compared to now, the standards were so much higher. And SNSD were the top so they got even more hate

8. I remember back then, there was a stronger prejudice that idols couldn't sing, so people criticized them for everything 

9. Because their standards are so much more different than now, they were even more hated on 

10. That's why MR removed videos were so popular back then, but after that trend, nobody swore at lives anymore. It wasn't only for SNSD, but all idols were considered bad at singing and everyone was getting hated on 

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