"I don't even like people who have a partner. I don't give them space, interest and don't start a relationship with them under the pretext of a friendship.
I like the program Transit Love (T/N: dating show where exes come together to decide whether they want to rekindle their romance or date someone new), but it's not my life.
It's fun for me too."

All the news outlets' comments, Youtube and IG comments were all swearing at her 
If this is really not transit love, then she must've felt wronged

original post: here

1. I just feel disappointed because there were better ways for her to deal with this 

2. But she was already getting sworn at even before when she was staying still, and then she clarifies and people are swearing at her again... If I were her, I'd be tired too 

3. But looking at this situation, she wasn't the first one to shade anyone, so why is she the one receiving the most hate... 

4. It's good that she took it down 

5. It's because Hyeri's image is just too good, and people want to side with the longer relationship usually...ㅠ

6. Honestly, she did well taking it down. Her fans call her "refreshing" but to people who aren't her fans, we're just wondering what is she doing...

7. Honestly, I don't know why people are swearing at Han Sohee

8. She's allowed to clarify things for herself, but the way she did it was way too emotional and I don't believe that was the best way to deal with it. There's nothing beneficial in dealing with stuff like that 

9. She did well removing the post and I hope she can resolve this with Hyeri.. If this really wasn't transit love, of course she'd feel wronged

10. It was disappointing to see because there were better ways to deal with this.. If this really wasn't transit love, she must've felt wronged.. But from Han Sohee's IG story to her photos, she's disappointing.. 

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