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What if you get a chance to save your bias? The famous artist “Ryu Seonjae” who helped me live the moment I lost the will to live. Im Sol, a passionate fan who was devastated by her bias' death, goes back in time to 2008 to save her bias! Nineteen years old and living again, her goal is to protect her bias Ryu Seonjae! 


2008 - SHINee's debut year
April 8th - Jonghyun's birthday (t/n: the drama hairs their first episode on April 8th)

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1. ...?

2. I've seen this somewhere else, but honestly, their broadcasting date is too much of a forced fit..

3. Isn't this a coincidence?

4. Even as a coincidence this is so interesting 

5. I'll acknowledge the year, but the broadcasting date is fixed by the broadcasting company, this is forced

6. Whether this is a coincidence or not, this is so fitting..

7. Isn't 2008 Beijing Olympics? Wasn't the male lead a swimmer in the past?

8. This is such a forced fit... The broadcast date is decided by the broadcasting company 

9. It's natural for the fans to be shocked at this... And they probably feel weird about this too, I hope they don't ponder on this too much ㅠ

10. No but stop this nonsense 

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