- Sorry 
Among the countless anonymous messages, there were a lot of comments that claimed to feel uncomfortable, so even though I didn't respond to them and skipped on them, I kept seeing them and ended up reacting that way
- But then I looked back at the reactions and thought about it more thoroughly
- When I looked at the other way around, everyone is just talking to myself (only)
- So if there was a post that was offensive to me, everyone is going to be hurt through me only 

- I couldn't think that far
- I want to apologize to everyone I've hurt 
- Sorry 
- Speaking in a real conversation and conveying words through texts are different and I should've been more careful 
- Regarding this, I was so careless

- Because you thought of me, you were giving me advice
- I will listen to all of them carefully and be more prudent 
- From now on, I will become a better person! 
- I'm sorry and
- Thank you 

t/n: the previous incident translated here

original post: here

1. Seriously he needs some rest... I feel bad for him because he seems like the overly sensitive type 

2. That was a clean apology... He should just go rest instead... 

3. That's it, people can stop swearing at him now. I'm another group's fan 

4. He's cool 

5. His feedback was exhaustive 

6. That's right... That should do. He acknowledged it himself, so he'll sure be better

7. What the? If the fans are okay with his apology, then it should be fine 

8. I still think that staying still would've been the best 

9. That was clean 

10. What the? People are still swearing at him even though he apologized?

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