I was taken aback by this video 

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1. I watched the video and it looked like she couldn't get the key right and I just ended up cringing...

2. She sang so off 

3. I've seen her sing River and she was so good, but here, she was awfully off-pitch and there was no echo at all and not even revert

4. Did she not wear in-ears? It feels like she wasn't able to hear the instrumental 

5. Nobody is here to claim that Wendy can't sing, but she really wasn't good that day ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. But.. Even during SM Concert, I didn't find her that good... 

7. Aigo, she couldn't get the pitch right at all... But she's usually good 

8. She ruined this but I bet they'll edit it for broaddcast?

9. When I heard her sing this on Killing Voice it was so obviously post-edited.... She used to sing this song freaking well in the past... 

10. I was so taken aback when I watched this... But everyone was cheering for her, I thought I was the only weird one... 

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