Is it fun?! I didn't read the webtoon but I got curious after watching the trailer

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1. It's f*cking fun

2. It's totally fun

3. It's fun!! I don't know if you liked SKY Castle but... The protagonist is smart and tries to strategize her way through, the story is interesting, and there is no acting hole

4. It's fun! I think the more the protagonist strategizes and the dark secret is revealed, the more interesting it will be

5. ㅇㅇ it's fun

6. I only watched an explanation video on YT and I really liked the pacing of the story

7. The webtoon is really fun so I'm looking forward to the drama too

8. I like it because it's childishㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. It's more fun than I anticipated. The story is also good and the drama itself is well-made

10. Uhm... the story was so ridiculous that I didn't like the webtoon. I also dropped the drama

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