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He's about 5 years older than me, good-natured, cheerful, works for a big company, and earns about 100 million won a year. My family wants me to marry him because he's so good but....

Maybe because the men I've dated so far were all above 180? He's about 165, so he's the same height as me, so he doesn't look like a man to me... we went to pay for my food at the cashier and the man in front of me was above 180 and he just looked so comparableㅠㅠ

I'm also in my early 30's and I know in my head that I should hurry up and get married, but no matter how good his specs are, he doesn't look like a man, so I don't like him, but is it right to marry him based on his specs alone?

My family all say height doesn't matter and men are all about ability, but I don't know what to doㅠㅠ  Am I out of my mind?

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1. [+203, -1]
It's not "even though he's short, he's good at everything else", it's "he's good at everything else but he's short", so if that's how you feel, then you should break up. Because that's all you'll be seeing for the rest of your life

2. [+188, -21]
Don't believe that someone short and ugly is kind, because that's all an act!

3. [+132, -63]
If he's 165, then his hands are small, feet are small and frame is small too. Nowadays, even middle schoolers are tall so being 165 is way too severe... I'd be so embarrassed to be seen together with him, and of course he would be kind. If he wasn't he won't be able to date any girl. I wouldn't date him even if he earned 100 million won. I think that I'd be way too embarrassed to drive somewhere and get off the car with him.. seriously

4. [+123, -28]
But height is... important... I was embarrassed to walk next to a short guy. By the way, he was 163 and I ended up only dating people above 180

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