"Scoups, Jeonghan, return to performing in concerts in March... "Injury recovery stage, will step on stage"

The fact that with a ruptured ligament, he's not even serving publicly, rather he got exempted directly
Means that his injury must be so bad that he won't be able to recover from his injury and that his ligament has completely ruptured to the point his knees must be shaking 
He is probably going to be unable to run for the rest of his life and will become handicapped 
So how was he able to get better and perform at a concert? Isn't this corruption?

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1. [+130, -13]
The conditions for exemption from military service are this: it is at a level where you have to live with a brace for the rest of your life. But for Scoups, as soon as he got exempted, his condition magically improved and he can now start dancing vigorously? Let's wait and see how he made it happen.
"If the cruciate ligament is severely damaged at the time of rupture, you may feel like your legs are shaking when you walk and your knees may feel like they are falling backwards. Additionally, prevascularization, which causes blood to accumulate within the joint, may occur, which limits the movement the joint can use."

2. [+115, -9]
ㅋㅋ But this guy is kinda weird himself, he got some kind of backing and was able to be exempted, but didn't he also rest for a whole year? The fact that he's suddenly coming back like that, he'll definitely get even more hate... It's kinda obvious that Hybe doesn't care whether he gets hate or not, they just want to earn money and throw him away 

3. [+103, -28]
If we talk really honestly, Among my friends, there are two kids who were exempted from military service due to ruptured cruciate ligaments, and they are fine right now. If it's not the worst case of it, you can still live like a human after. However, cruciate ligament rupture is a condition for military exemption.... If you can be considered for exemption, why enlist..? If I were him, I would take it and just say "thank you" too

4. [+73, -3]
He'll probably just sit on stage because he's hurt, but if he really starts dancing, I'd laugh 

5. [+49, -1]
Yup, if it's totally ruptured, you get exempted 
"In the past, having ruptured cruciate ligaments would exempt you from military service, but these days, exemption is not unconditional. In principle, minor injuries must be treated through treatment and rehabilitation training before enlistment, and even if a person has undergone reconstructive surgery, military service is possible as long as the injury is partial and the knee is not severely ruptured. However, if the knee is severely ruptured due to a complete rupture, alternative service or exemption may be granted through additional examination."

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