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My husband has a lot of friends
He has a lot of female friends too

Because he's kind, has sense and is funny
He has a lot of female friends that he meets alone

Before we got married, I expressed my dislike to him
but I couldn't force him because I was his girlfriend

But after we got married
I started becoming annoyed to see the two of them hanging out together

He has about 9 female friends that he meets alone
He would meet some of them once a year or others, once a month

If I don't let them meet
It's still only a year....
And they came to our wedding too
So I was trying to persuade myself thinking that it wouldn't be right to cut off his friendship

Is it bad of me to tell him to stop and not let him see them?

For reference, he has about 7 meetings once a quarter
Five of them have two or three girls in the group
I let them go to these ones without saying anything since he's meeting them in a group

But I can't let them meet his female friends one on one

I see people mentioned mirror therapy (?) in the comments
But I don't have any male friendㅠ

I have a male coworker that I'm close with at work
But if I asked him to hang out
Or eat with me alone
I feel like he's gonna say "what's wrong with that coworker?" and avoid me

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1. [+138, -7]
A male bast*rd who has 9 female friends he sees alone sure is living a good life. He comes home and has a wife that cooks for him, he goes out and hangs out with a bunch of girls and even has 7 or so meetings like that. OP-yah, you picked the wrong man

2. [+119, -11]
He probably slept with 7 out of 9 of themㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ and he's working on the remaining 2

3. [+117, -3]
Why did you not leave him before marriage... There are people who would already skip on dating men with female friends;

4. [+97, -8]
But I really have to ask. Didn't you know he was like that originally?? Why didn't you ask what would happen if you got married?? Did you think it would sort itself out after marriage?? Does that make sense?? Marriage is not a joke. It's real life. At least before marriage, shouldn't you have plans and discussions about how you'll live together?? You just said you didn't like it before marriage and didn't force anything, but then you got married, so isn't it funny to tell someone not to meet someone else now?? Isn't it possible that it could be important connections for your husband?? Even if you force someone not to meet their friends, those who cheat will deceive and meet others. It would be better to talk about it and let them meet.

5. [+69, -4]
Mirror therapy?? You don't need that. Just outright say you don't want him to meet one-on-one with other women. Tell him that continuing to meet with someone despite you expressing your dislike is crossing the line beyond having friends of the opposite sex. At the very least, if you're married, you shouldn't engage in behaviors that your spouse dislikes. It's even more important because it's an issue between male and female friendship~!!!!

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