1. Monsters (intro)
2. Sheesh - It’s hip hop, but it’s said to be dark and addictive (title)
3. Talk That - It is said that this song was given to me by Charlie Puth.
4. Stuck In The Middle - 7 people version
5. Batter Up - 7 people version
6. Dream - The song that came out after the survival
7. Stuck In The Middle remix

original post: here

1. Can you get he mmembers to appear instead 

2. Ah 

3. Hul Charlie Puth 

4. I'm not watching this f*ck, stop coming out ㅡㅡ 

5. No but can you just give us the highlight medley instead, stop coming out... ㅜ 

6. Stop showing your face

7. Did Charlie Puth give them a song after seeing Ahyeon's cover??

8. Can you make Ahyeon talk instead ㅋ

9. Ah seriously why is he there ... 

10. Just watch the video from 3:05

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