1. Fans who buy into the pseudo-relationship: So my one and only XX has a lover now ㅠㅠ -> quits fandom

2. Self-indulged fan: Is that really time to date now? XX is still in a career high right now, they're going to put that on stop, they should focus on XX instead -> quits fandom 

3. All-fan: Ah they'll drop to a b-tier group now, I don't even feel like streaming anymore, I'll move to another A-tier group -> leaves fandom 

4. Business people: Huh? The fans are all leaving the fandom? This isn't looking good on my money -> quits fandom and cancels contract

5. Muggle: They're so pretty now, how can they not date? -> They'll start using free platforms, might become a light fan, but eventually grow uninterested

You can tell how the opinions of muggles here barely means anything to the group, this is why even as a muggle, I can't really support relationshipsㅋㅋ

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1. I freaking hate the fact that light fans will never spend any money on the idols but keep on insisting on staying a light fan, meanwhile, they'll gaslight the core fandom

2. This is true ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. The core is the one spending money, they will not quit the fandomㅋ They will actually be annoyed at all the fake rumors going around and they'll work even harder on fangirling 

4. It must be nice to be a muggle, they're able to call other fans "creepy" and vent their stress on the fans, they can also pretend to act like the bigger person whenever an idol is dating, but they don't wanna take any responsibility on stanning a group f*ck 

5. Muggles and I-roaches are both like that ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. The real reaction isn't: Idols are dating???? F*ck are they joking? 😡
But rather: Ah... So they're dating... Be happy -> then gradually leaves fandom 

7. Ugh the fan culture is so weird

8. I wouldn't quit the fandom because I've experienced it twice

9. The kids who don't spend money are the most tolerant to dating news

10. The fandom culture is a mess but muggles shouldn't speak either, nobody cares if you're solo and you're dating, but as a group, you're not alone in this 

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