Singer and actor Hwang Minhyun, 28, entered a training center on the 21st, and his alternative service status is attracting attention.

According to a SWAY interview on the 26th, Hwang Minhyun was declared a public service soldier due to a bronchial disease, which was also covered in his physical examination.  

Hwang Minhyun submitted a medical certificate for military service issued within three months. The military medical certificate provided by the Armed Forces Medical Service examined and referenced the results of the induced pulmonary function test before and after inhalation of bronchodilators, medication records, hospitalization and emergency room treatment records, medical records such as diagnosis-related test results, and exercise load test results (if the exercise load test result is positive).  

Hwang Minhyun has been treated for the respiratory issue for a long time. It was confirmed that it was not a herniated disk problem as rumored online. 

Hwang Minhyun entered the training center on the 21st, and after basic military training, he will be replaced by a public service worker. He said, "Goodbye. I'll miss you a lot," and thanked his fans. 

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1. No but why reveal his personal information like this?

2. Of course he had a reason to enlist in public service. Even my coworkers who looked fine on the outside got either exempted or enlisted in public service

3. Why write an article about his personal information;;

4. This is all because of articles that were making up rumors about him

5. Ugh of course he had reasons

6. Isn't this exposing his personal information? I don't think that he revealed this himself though

7. It's so hard to enlist in public service nowadays. You really have to have a good reason for it

8. So that's why he always cleaned his house so thoroughly

9. They even release information about his treatment....

10. The reason why Hwang Minhyun is so clean is because of his dust allergy...

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