Hello everyone, you must have been very surprised by the stories over the past two days.
There were people who were hurt and very shocked. Actually, [I know] it is right to inform you through an article, but after some judgment, I thought that it would be better for me to [convey the news] through this post to the fans. This might diminish the hurt you felt so I'm writing this post. 

First of all, it's true that we're developing the relationship with good feelings, however, I wish you refrain from using the word transit love. It is true that we met through a photo exhibition, but that was through a friend of mine who is a photographer. I went there for a specific purpose, and I heard that we might be working together on a project, so I stopped by to say hello.

Second of all, we shared our feelings towards each other at the beginning of 2024, and he broke up with that person in the beginning 2023. They've concluded their relationship early on but the news of their breakup only came out in November. 
 Based on what I heard, I confirmed my feelings with him and continued the relationship.

Thirdly, regarding my crappy Instagram story. It was loser of me and lame. I should have just stayed quiet. I think I lost my temper for a moment and committed a rude act because I heard and saw various rumors and stories about transfer love, even though I didn't want to see them.
I would like to apologize to that person as well, and I sincerely apologize for not being able to act wisely towards you. This was an action that was driven by emotions rather than reason, so regardless of the reason, I unconditionally admit that I was at fault.

Fourth, of course, there will be related articles to me, but the articles do not represent all of my thoughts and feelings, and my blog is the only means of communication with my fans, so I am sorry for coming to you so unexpectedly. Even though I brought good news to you, it wasn't enough, and I want to say I'm really sorry to my fans who couldn't sleep and were upset by seeing and hearing about my situation. I always said it half jokingly, half seriously, but now that I'm 30, I can't be sloppy like this again. I feel like I still have a long way to go in terms of trying to avoid causing concern, but I am grateful and sorry that I was able to express my feelings even a little in this space, and I have many ambivalent feelings.

These days, I feel like the thought of having to show only my good side is probably ruining me even more. As I live a life that focuses more on the results rather than the process, I look back and see if I missed anything during the process. The reason you like me is probably not just because of a few photos and a few videos.

Even if I don't have a conceited and arrogant attitude, if you see me that way, it probably means that I already have some level of bad attitude. I think it's time to face it and go back to my roots and find out what I really wanted to do, what I liked, and what made me happy.

This is my first vacation in 2 years, so I'm asking for a lot of feedback/criticism so I can realize whether I'm ruining myself or not 

Even during this time, my heart aches as I think about my fans who are still worried about me, but thank you for supporting me and believing that I will become a better person, and for beating me up every time I do something wrong. 

I'm sorry and I feel apologetic, but that's why I want to do better and I'm greedy to become better. Now I've learned how to control myself better and I'll come back with a more mature side of me. I'm sorry for coming back to you with such a gloomy post on the blog that I barely use every year. It's morning. Have a nice meal. Fighting.

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1. This unnie's personality is cool and refreshing ㅋㅋ

2. She wrote her post well, it's clear 

3. Her personality is so refreshing 

4. Why is she dating him thoughㅠㅠㅠㅠWhat a disappointment 

5. She's honest and cool 

6. She's honest and it's refreshing to see ㅋㅋ And she also acknowledged herself that they're dating 

7. How can people still bash Hyeri after reading this post.. 

8. No but Hyeri dated him for 7 years, and she started dating him not even a year later, of course Hyeri is allowed to be annoyed 

9. Look at people bashing Hyeri here ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ You guys are freaking funny 

10. I don't really like Han Sohee but she's likable here, I hope she maintains her honesty even in the future

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