Amid the aftermath of the group aespa Karina acknowledging her romantic relationship, attention is focused on Blackpink Jennie's actions.

On the 5th, Karina left a handwritten apology to the fandom. This is due to her relationship with actor Lee Jaewook, which was revealed about a week ago.

Karina apologized to her fans, saying, "First of all, I'm sorry for surprising you. I'm late because I'm cautious of my fans who must have been very surprised. I know how disappointed and upset you must be. I feel even more sorry because I know how you feel." .

Karina repeatedly said, "I am truly sorry," "I was always sincere," "I will not disappoint you in the future," and "I am sorry and thank you very much," to soothe the hearts of the fandom, which had been reacting negatively to her dating news. 


In fact, until recently, it was a trend for agencies in the entertainment industry to draw a line when it came to dating rumors, saying it was "the artist's personal life."

A representative example is YG's artists' dating rumors. Blackpink's Jennie is also receiving attention again amidst the aftermath of Karina's dating rumors.

Jennie was the subject of a lot of dating rumors last year. Last year, the answer to the Nth's dating rumors with BTS's V were always "Personal life cannot be confirmed."

In the process, damages such as Jennie's private photos were leaked, and the fandom issued a statement demanding "protection of Jennie's privacy" and "YG's silence is unacceptable."

In the end, the dating rumors seemed to have quieted down without being confirmed, but the breakup rumors which surfaced ahead of V's enlistment, which ignited the rumors again. But as expected, people let it slide with no specific statement from her in the end.

Jennie also kept her mouth shut and did not leave any information about her relationship and breakup out.

This is a move that contrasts with the way Karina opened up her honest feelings to her fans and sincerely asked for their understanding. This is why fans' attention is focused on these idols with different dating behavior.

??????? Hasn't it been so long since Jennie broke up?

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1. It's because Jennie's fans never threatened her with quitting the fandom when her rumors broke ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. Does she have to apologize? Those journalists need to wake up 

3. This kind of mediaplay is so dirty 

4. It's because Jennie has normal fans, apologizing isn't the right way to deal with this 

5. ??? I didn't know Karina released a handwritten apology?? That's insane.. 

6. Apologizing for dating????? Whether she apologizes or not, her fans are the over sensitive ones 

7. Do you think it's normal to send her trucks to hate on her? 

8. It's not about the singers' different abilities to take responsibility over their actions, rather it shows the difference between the types of fans they have

9. Is the journalist really in favor of SM's way of doing...? The apology was f*cking hilarious 

10. The journalist should write an apology for this article 

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