"My little brother is 159 cm tall, please help

My younger brother is not from Chungnam National University(?) and is attending another university. He recently underwent a physical examination, and he said he's not categorized as a public service worker but as an active duty soldier. He blames his parents for his life being ruined. He says that he inherited trashy genes. Told his parents that he really has garbage genes. But it's funny, I'm 163, my mom is 160, and my dad is 173.

SAnyway, he believes he'll face discrimination and mistreatment in all aspects of life. He cried and screamed that he wouldn't be able to get married, find a job, or have a relationship because of his height. I felt sorry for him at first, and told him that I was still dating men even though I was short. And I told him to stop blaming our parents and work on his other strengths because it's important show his own charms and be confident. But he suddenly started screaming and cursing at me in front of my parents. I was annoyed, so I didn't say anything and just left.

I talked to my dad just now and he told me not to be so mean to my brother ㅋㅋ I was the one who got yelled and sworn at for comforting him, while my parents only scold him and treated me feeling like some adopted child. Is this normal??"

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1. People who are short are indeed still being discriminated against even in our day and age.... It's pretty bad for men...

2. But how is this different than racism? It's something that people are born with and can't even change but it's strange that they are blaming others for ruining their lives because of it. I live overseas but the comments are so weird. I feel like only Korea reacts this way

3. There's a man who's 159 cm tall around me and he's shorter than me but he's dating women just fine (he's not handsome). It's possible but it's true that it's more difficult for him to date

4. Honestly, unless you lived as a man who's 159 cm tall, don't just say things recklessly...

5. Nothing in life is insurmountable, it's just so hard to get over it.  I can't offer any words of encouragement, for I fear they may not even be encouragement to him

6. If you're short as a man, you're at a disadvantage, but it's not to the point where you're discriminated against in everything and you're not treated like a person. But the fact that he said in front of his parents that he has garbage gene is actually the biggest problem here because he's being aggressive and argumentative with his family

7. If you're a man who's 159.... then you really need to have a good personality... if there's even a little flaw, you'll have it really hard...

8. Anyone who's short and has this kind of mentality would be hated anywhere

9. My uncle is 160 (and I'm being generous about his height) and he dated just fine and even got married

10. It's easy to talk. If you've never lived in his position, then you won't understand his circumstances

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