"Hello, this is SM Entertainment.

Not only are falsehoods about the RIIZE members being recklessly spread on social media and online communities, but illegal acts such as the creation of posts that cross the line, including attacks [on the RIIZE members’] character, insults, and malicious slander, are continually taking place.

These actions are a clear criminal act that severely defame our artist’s character and violate their rights. We are well-aware of the situation and are in the process of reviewing the material we have gathered, and we plan to take strong legal action by suing so that the perpetrators of these illegal acts will be punished, without any settlement or leniency.

Furthermore, the privacy of the people around our artists, especially their families and acquaintances, is being continuously invaded through habitual stalking, verbal abuse and swearing, sexual harassment, and more.

As these kinds of acts are also criminal behavior, we ask that you recognize clearly that legal action is possible, and we urge you to take special care not to get involved in such shameful acts.

We are always grateful to the fans who love RIIZE, and we will do our utmost to protect our artists in the future as well.

Thank you."
CR: Soompi

original post: here

1. Let's report and sue them all

2. Well done

3. Looking at Nate Pann and Twitter now, people are going crazy

4. I think that they need to sue some people here too

5. I'm a fan of another group but even I could see the abyss for them... they did well to sue

6. Stop just being all words all the time and start to actually do something about it

7. The other community sites and Twitter are in a war and they finally released a statement. As a fan of another idol, I found their case especially severe for the past few days

8. I'm not a fan of RIIZE but recently, the hate and rumors about RIIZE on TheQoo were insane. I felt like 
I was witnessing a group madness. It was freaking scary

9. I felt like they had to start suing. People were going crazy and there were so much hate comments

10. Finally!!!! I support the lawsuits

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