Wasn't she the main vocal on P48?
She sang her high notes in ITTNW cleanly
Kim Chaewon was the #1 in votes at that time
But the general public found Huh Yunjin's skills pretty good
At first, she was just that tall girl next to Lee Gaeun but her potential exploded because of High Tension
There were a lot of people who didn't know how good Huh Yunjin was at singing but saw her in a new light after ITTNW
She got a bit of evil editing due to the main vocal selection but still, her skills were good and people did felt like Huh Yunjin should've been the main vocal afterall

People could've said that P48 overall had terrible vocal so she was good in comparison
But still, I would've never imagined that she would have this "unstable vocals" image down the line

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1. [+176, -3]
She just never gets the pitch right and I'm not talking for only 1-2 songs

2. [+145, -2]
It's true that her vocal power is good but her voice color gets mixed opinions and just like the comments say below, it's not about her making 1 or 2 mistakes, she just keeps on getting the note wrong? At this rate, she has to be tone deaf

3. [+103, -2]
But even considering the editing on P48, it's true that she was good at singing. She should've just practiced from there and would've been great by nowㅋㅋ But she only practiced her performance for the show. Kim Chaewon is also good at singing but doesn't seem to practice her vocals much. If she practiced intensely, she'd be way above average. But since they can make money without singing lessons, they just don't practice

4. [+85, -3]
But wasn't her vocal ranking on Produce pretty low?

5. [+82, -6]
Did you watch a different Produce? If you think of "vocals" on P48, I can't think of anyone else but Jo Yuri and Han Chowon

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