TWICE Momo, Izone Sakura, Nako and Hitomi, Le Sserafim Sakura and Kazuha, ILLIT Moka, etc.. they all have severe controversies surrounding their vocals. All the Japanese members are getting hate

The most common comments are that their vocal cords are thin and shaky, that they can't sing at all, that they look like J-pop idols, and that they are ruining kpop.

If you think about it, even the few Japanese members who are good are either dance members or rap members.

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But even in Korea, Japanese members are unlikable. There are so much criticism asking companies to stop adding Japanese membersㅜ Momo put the woodfire, Sakura lit it up and Moka is sprinkling oil on it

2. [+249, -6]
Seeing how popular KARA was without any Japanese member makes me wonder why we even need Japanese members... even i f you look at the popular boy groups in Japan, they usually don't have Japanese members so can we just not add them? There's historical issues with them, their skills suck and their pronunciation is the worst

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Momo, Sakura and Moka, what an awesome lineup

4. [+158, -30]
Chinese members have good visuals and South East Asian members are talented so they pull off their weight well. But I feel like they only add Japanese members for the Japanese market so we can trust on skipping on them. It's unfortunate for the talented trainees who couldn't debut due to the nationality quota system. And Korean members are the ones carrying the team... I think that the best would be to have only Korean members. If they want foreigners for the foreign market, then I think that having South East Asian members would be the best since Chinese members would run away and Japanese members have sub-par skills. Just look at how BP and NewJeans are the one top

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I honestly don't understand why we have Japanese members. They are not as pretty as Misamo, they are not popular. It would be better to just pick the type of members that Japanese people prefer and make them learn Japanese instead

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