[...] Just for Le Sserafim, global luxury brand Louis Vuitton created five stage costumes with their impressive and unique ‘Damier’ print.

The group Le Sserafim entered Coachella, which is considered the largest pop music festival in North America. At 2:50 PM on the 14th (Korean time), Le Sserafim showed off their status as a representative global girl group by performing a parade of hit songs that they achieved in less than two years on a stage that was simultaneously broadcast live around the world through YouTube.

What made the stage, which was like the coronation of the new K-pop queen, shine even more was the stage costumes worn by the five members. Designed by Louis Vuitton Artistic Director Nicolas Ghesquiere, they were specially designed just for this day when Le Sserafim appeared on the Coachella stage.

The so-called ‘Le Sserafim-Louis Vuitton Collection’ is a black and gray monotone outfit with a grid pattern ‘Damier’ print, one of Louis Vuitton’s signature patterns, as an accent. In relation to this, some praised the outfits as an “elegant and fresh shock,” reminiscent of the collaboration between Madonna and fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier during the heyday of the 1990s.

The Coachella Sahara stage, where Le Sserafim performed, is a stage widely known in Korea as the place where Blackpink held their ‘Coachella Debut Show’ in 2019. With a scale no different from the main stage, Coachella did not hide its expectations as a ‘box office maker’ by producing an outdoor advertisement with Le Sserafim as the sole model prior to the start of the festival.

There was also great interest from leading local media outlets in North America regarding this performance. Daily newspaper USA Today introduced Le Sserafim as “a group that is expanding its influence around the world just two years after its debut,” while Rolling Stone, a popular music magazine, said, “There are not many days left for Le Sserafim to conquer the world. They attracted attention by saying, “I am ready to rise to a higher level through ‘Coachella.’”

Le Sserafim plans to perform two live performances on the 14th and 21st. Reflecting the local interest sparked by Coachella, Le Sserafim is also driving the popularity of new songs ‘EASY’ and ‘SMART’ on global music platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.

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1. I'm f*cking feeling the 2nd hand embarrassment f*ck ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. I really hope they only stay in Korea, for many reasons.....

4. "The coronation of a queen".......

5. This media play is f*cking shameless, this is why they'll never improve 

6. Ok, just be models then, let's live the ambassador life as influencers

7. Seriously why are they like that?

8. Hybe-yah this is freaking embarrassing 

9. Madonna???

10. Hybe's PR team sure is working hard 

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