The entire group dolls up so prettily 
Meanwhiel he's the only one going for the style he wants and he seriously seems to belong to another group

I know that YG has always been about hip hop.. 
But the fact that he's the only one doing it is so weird

At this point, he should just be a hip hop solo instead of being in a boy group
What does it make the other kids?

Nowadays, there are so many successful groups.. 
Does he not want his group to hit big?

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1. [+101, -2]
I'm a YG stan and how to put this.. Hyunsuk looks like he wants to have the same vibe as GD and Song Mino, but the way he does it is so try hard... I've never looked at GD and Song Mino and thought that they were try hards, and they really suit their own style. Meanwhile, Hyunsuk looks like he's doing too muchㅠ I think he needs to stop thinking that the fans are hating on him without any reasons and think about whether that style really suits him or not.. 

2. [+75, -0]
Honestly, I gave up about him dolling himself, I just wished that he can pronounce his words right on stage and that he stops making that pansori noise.. Whenever he's on stage, he dances however he wants and he stands out like a sore thumb, it's so annoying to watch. I need him to stop only directing the dance and dance like he's in a group ㅠ

3. [+60, -0]
He has his lip piercing too, and his hair is like that too, does he really want to be that someone else this bad...?! But it doesn't suit him and he just ends up looking cringe instead. He keeps wearing those unflattering outfits...

4. [+52, -0]
The fans all hate this... He's the wall to fandom entry

5. [+49, -0]
There are way too many talks about him wanting to look like GD and Song Mino. He doesn't even have half of Song Mino's skills and he just feels cocky... And Song Mino at least tries to look harmonious with his group ㅋ He only does his own style during his solos 

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