The 10th AKB48 general election in 2018

At that time, they were calling out he contender for the 1st place and suddenly called Sakura as 3rd place

Jurina Matsui, the member who took first place, suddenly started disciplining Sakura.

Jurina screamed at Sakura telling her to "get it right" on stage

She was a strong contender for Sakura's rival, but after winning first place, she said that she never thought of herself as a rival to Sakura.

Sakura said she would no longer participate in the general election, but then Jurina went on and said, 'I  want to run next year because I will be there, because she's my rival (suddenly she says she's not a rival but then switches again and says she's a rival again), etc...

The atmosphere of the general election on this day was very odd, so Jurina, who came in first place, had to suspend her activities for several months due to the controversy that day.

Afterwards, due to various events, AKB abolished the general election, which coincidentally became the last general election.

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1. Jurina's eye gaze... Wow 

2. I don't know what Jurina was planning to do at that time... I saw the video and it looked like she was demon possessed

3. But I bet that person seeing how well Sakura is doing now, must've had multiple mental breakdowns too 

4. Jurina's gaze was honestly amazing at that time, in a creepy way... 

5. Is it because of this that Jurina was cut from Produce?

6. Sakura is the popular one now~

7. Sakura has the real strong mentality 

8. I feel like Jurina has always been jealous of Sakura. She got f*cking pushed on her own, meanwhile she's lecturing the #2 and #3 on "doing things properly", meanwhile, she's the one who was getting so much push, but she still couldn't beat Sakuraㅋㅋㅋ

9. At that time, so many people talked about it, saying how Jurina must've been demon possessed to be that mean towards Sakura, she was so weird towards her 

10. Sakura sure lived an eventful life, meanwhile I'm surprised that someone like Jurina was even popular 

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