Coca-Cola explained that RIIZE, who is growing into an icon of the new era with their honest charm and unique personalities, were selected as models because they fit well with Fanta's refreshing and fun brand image.

A Coca-Cola official said, “I think the recently released ‘Fanta Zero Orange Flavor’ has a lot in common with ‘RIIZE’, which is rapidly growing, in that it is growing into a super rookie just like the Fanta Zero line.” He added, “We ask for your interest in the new and fresh chemistry that Fanta, which has been spreading fun and cheerful energy with others, will present with ‘Rise’.”

Meanwhile, Coca-Cola plans to release a Fanta advertising campaign video featuring the charms of RIIZE and Fanta on the 22nd.

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1. Wow the picture is so pretty ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

2. The picture is too pretty 

3. Kyah they're too pretty. They looks so good in orange🧡🧡

4. Why would a massive brand like Fanta even need models? I feel like they'd sell well even without models
> They'll sell even better

5. Ah they're freaking pretty

6. I will only drink Fanta now!!!!!

7. I don't drink any fizzy drinks but I'll buy it if you give me photocards

8. So they'll have a Zero line too? Nice

9.  🧡 It's perfect

10. They're doing so well..

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